Our most frequently asked questions

We deliver to most locations in the immediate Brisbane and surrounding suburbs, from as far north as North Lakes and Redcliffe areas, west to Forest Lakes and Kenmore Hills areas and south to Loganholme.

You can book online via our secure booking system here or give us a call on 1300 754 786.

Please see Our Skips page for a list of prices and extras.

There is no set limit on how long you can have the skip bin, however each trip we make to the tip incurs a fee.  

The advantages of our skip bin service is that it’s a fast and simple way to clean up or declutter, with our team taking care of the waste removal process for you.  

Due to insurance reasons, we do not allow customers to tow our skip bin from the location to which we deliver it. If you need the skip bin moved around your site, please contact 1300 754 786 to discuss options for moving the skip bin.

Please refer to our Waste Types page

Yes, for an extra fee, we can help load your waste (within reason) however please be aware of our skip bin weight limitations. If you anticipate that you may require assistance when loading the skip, please inform us when completing a booking form or during your initial call.   

Yes, we take all waste to the Brisbane Waste and Recycling Facilities for correct waste management processes.

Yes, tip fees are included in the price of a single service.

Our prices include one trip to the tip. If you require more than one load taken to the tip, we can accommodate that for an added fee. Please refer to Our Skips page.

We recommend estimating how much waste you will need to dump before choosing which skip to book. If you are unsure, we advise to go for the heavier skip bin to be safe. Otherwise, please call our number 1300 754 786 and we can help guide you.

The size of the skip bin you will need for a bathroom demo will depend on the size of the bathroom and the amount of material you plan to remove. A small bathroom demo, such as a half-bath or powder room, may only require a single skip bin (4 cubic metres). A larger bathroom demo, such as a full bathroom with a shower or tub, may require 2-3 skip bins.

It's always better to overestimate the size of the skip bin you will need, rather than underestimate it. This will ensure that you have enough space to dispose of all of the materials from your bathroom demo.

It is also important to consider what types of materials you will be disposing of, as some materials may require a special type of skip bin such as a hazardous waste skip. If you have any questions about how many skips or what kind of material you can include in your bin, feel free to get in touch with us.

When it comes to disposing of your waste, it's important to know what types of waste are allowed and which ones aren't. 

For general waste, items such as timber, furniture, office materials, clothes, and electrical goods are allowed. Building waste like carpet, steel, bricks, and concrete (up to 1,000kg) and light construction waste are also allowed. 

Green waste such as gardening waste and trees, and sand and soil (up to 1,000kg) are also allowed. 

However, certain types of waste are not allowed, such as dangerous materials like asbestos, chemicals, oils, paints, acids, poisons, biological/medical waste, batteries, radioactive materials, and gas bottles/spray cans. Additionally, there are additional charge items such as mattresses and tires that are allowed, but please advise at the time of booking and place them beside the skip bin, not inside it.

Skip To Tip’s mobile skips are 4 cubic meters in size, can carry up to 1000kg, are lockable and can fit into most garages and tight spaces. They are equivalent to 16 wheelie bins or 4 box trailers and can carry up to 1000kg or 6 wheelbarrows of concrete.

Rubbish from a skip is typically taken to a landfill or waste transfer station for disposal. Once the skip bin has been filled, it is collected by a truck and taken to a landfill or transfer station. At the landfill, the waste is compacted and buried in a designated area. Some of the waste may also be sorted for recycling or further processing.

The amount of bin bags that a 4m3 skip can hold depends on a few factors; the size of each bin bag, the contents of the bin bags and the weight of the bin bag. A skip with a capacity of 4m3 is equivalent to around 16 standard-sized wheelie bins. So if you were to fill the bin bags with garden waste, you could fill the skip with 16 wheelie bin sized bin bags. The skips also have a 1000kg limit, or around 6 wheelbarrows of concrete.